Here's a fun photo.  This is Rebekah and my dad having a visit on the back porch.  I am so thankful for Dad's involvement in my life and for the role he is taking as a grandaddy.  Growing up Pop was one of those dads that would play outside with us on the weekends or after supper.  He was the only dad on our street that did that, and we eventually had other neighborhood children come to our house and ask if he could come out to play!  He was not one for deep conversations but he spent so much time outside with all of his children...that's what I remember, him throwing the baseball for me to hit or shooting hoops in the driveway.  
My dad is not perfect.  He would be the first to admit that, but he is an amazing father.  He is generous with his time.  And he showed us by his involvement that we were important; we were valuable human beings.  That's the kind of love and affirmation I hope to give my own children.  Thanks, Dad, for the great example.


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