Crabapple Jam

Well, I checked off one more item on my bucket list this past week...make jam.  I really enjoyed picking the apples from my yard and then turning them into something edible to put up for the winter.  The crabapples were a beautiful dark, purply red on the outside and inside, and they made a very pretty jam.  Here is the recipe I used from simple things; I found it on Pinterest.  

I really enjoyed this project.  It satisfied a desire that had been building up for some time after reading some of the Miss Read stories and learning about life in the English countryside.  But I don't think I'll be making any more this year.  We are starting our homeshooling year next week, and I will soon be immersed in teaching reading and listening to spelling lists.  My admiration increases for those ladies who put up many jars of delicious home grown food for the winter.  Maybe one day I will do that too...or maybe I'll just keep admiring from afar. ;)


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