Tapestry of Grace

Our family loves history.  We all enjoy learning about different times in the past, so we were delighted to find Tapestry of Grace, a unit study curriculum centered on the history of the world from Creation to Modern Times.  Before we began I was a bit intimidated by what some people said about it.  They warned me that it could take many hours of weekend and nightly preparation time and might require monthly planning sessions.  I’m so glad we decided to try it, because I found that the curriculum is actually very flexible in terms of preparation time. 

We have successfully used it as a reading only curriculum.  Here's how we use it.  My 10, 12 and 14 year old simply go to the reading assignment list and determine their reading for the week.  They enjoy their books and then they do some of the geography assignments.  This is easy when you purchase MapAids (from Tapestry) to go on your computer.  Then they write an e-mail note about what they read and send it out to family members.  It’s our way of doing narration written down.

I use our Tapestry window of the day to read with Noah.  He reads the Billy and Blaze books to me.  I have only to help him with some words.

My girls have really enjoyed reading their way through history, and I am thrilled that some one has carefully chosen good books to help them do this.  I am so thankful for the Somervilles who created Tapestry!

So, I encourage any one who is interested in this curriculum but might be intimidated by the preparation requirements to go ahead and give it a try.  We have found it requires some effort but is very doable!


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