168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think

I enjoyed reading this book by Laura Vanderkam.  Why are books written by journalists always so interesting?  Perhaps, because they offer fresh perspective on topics that could be considered mundane. This book encourages people to think strategically about their lives, being purposeful about what fills the hours of one's week.
I was prompted to look hard at my own life and evaluate what went into my hours.  Am I spending more time on the computer than necessary?  How am I using my leisure hours?  Am I focusing on my life goals or frittering away time cleaning up my e-mail box?

Not all of Vanderkam's suggestions applied to me, she writes to a more mainstream audience, but I really enjoyed many of her ideas, one of which was to make a list of 100 dreams, things that one would like to do in a life time.  The item can be as simple as eat at a certain restaurant and as complex as raising a child.  Her point in making this list was to remind us to spend our hours doing those things that    we really hope to do in life instead of thoughtlessly doing tasks that rob our hours.

This was a pleasant read.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to live purposefully!


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